Adjust my earrings Adjust my neck joints Align my nails Apply pressure to my arms Attempt to tap my fingers to the tune of whatever is stuck in my head Balance on one foot Balance on stuff Balance pencils on my fingers Balance pens on my fingers Bang my legs Beatbox Bend a plastic bottle cap ring Bend the clip on a pen cap until it snaps Bite a plastic bottle cap ring Bite into popcorn with my mouth open Bite my cheeks Bite my cuticles until they bleed Bite my finger knuckles Bite my fingernails Bite my fingers Bite my fingers with enough strength to make marks Bite my fingers with just enough strength to feel but not get marks Bite my hand Bite my knuckles Bite my lip Bite my lips Bite my nails Bite my pinkie finger Bite my right index finger Bite my thumb Bite my tongue Bite on the insides of my cheeks Bite on the little bits of skin on my chapped lips Bite the big scar on the inside of my bottom lip Bite the flesh of my hands Bite the inside of my lips to the point of drawing blood Bite the inside of my mouth Bite the insides of my mouth Bite the skin around my fingernails Bite the skin off my lips Bite the top of my t-shirt Blink Blink my eyes Blink my eyes repeatedly Blink my eyes rhythmically Blow air up at the origami cranes above my bed Blow bubbles underwater Blow milk bubbles Blow soap bubbles Blow spit bubbles Bounce Bounce down the stairs Bounce my feet Bounce my feet and legs very fast Bounce my knee Bounce my knees Bounce my left leg Bounce my leg Bounce my leg on the tip of my feet Bounce my leg up and down Bounce my legs Bounce my legs up and down Bounce on my toes Bounce on the balls of my feet Bounce subtly Bounce subtly from side to side when sitting down Bounce up and down Bounce up and down excitedly Bounce up and down on my toes Bounce up and down on the balls of my feet Bounce up and down while flapping Braid my hair Braid my shoelaces Braid the cords to the blinds Breathe strangely Brush objects against my mouth Brush surfaces with my fingers Bury my face in my husband's belly and make farty noises Carefully bang my head Chatter my teeth Check my DVDs are still alphabetized Chew at my finger until it's raw Chew chewy food Chew elastic bands Chew gum Chew my bathroom sponge Chew my collar Chew my cuticles till they bleed Chew my fingers Chew my lip Chew my lips Chew my sleeve Chew on goggle straps Chew on headphone cords Chew on my fingers Chew on my hair Chew on my headphone cords Chew on my knuckle Chew on my lower lip Chew on my tongue Chew on plastic pens Chew on plastic silverware Chew on plastic things Chew on straws Chew on sweatshirt strings Chew on the base of my thumb Chew on the insides of my mouth Chew on the strings of my hoodie Chew on the wooden end of pencils Chew on things Chew pencils Chew the inside of my mouth Chew the insides of my cheeks Chew the nails on my baby fingers Chew the sides of my cheeks Chirp and flap my sweater so it sounds like bird wings Chirp like a bird Clap Clap in a rhythm Clap my feet Clap my hands Clap my hands against my cheeks Clap my hands when happy Clap my legs Clap the insides of my hands Clap the tops of my palms together Clap twice Clap when I'm happy Clean my fingernails Clean my fingernails with my teeth Clean my teeth with a fingernail Clean off my teeth with my tongue Clear my throat Clear my throat repeatedly even when I'm not talking Clench and unclench my fists Clench and unclench my hands in pawing motion like a cat Clench and unclench my jaw Clench my jaw Clench my left hand into a fist while working with my right hand Clench my teeth Clench my toes Click a ballpoint pen Click a hair grip Click ligaments in my ankles Click ligaments in my knees Click my breaths Click my feet together Click my joints Click my knuckles Click my pen Click my right middle finger against my left palm Click my teeth Click my teeth to the beat of a song Click my teeth together Click my tongue Click the back of my tongue Click the backings on my earrings Climb up the stairs repeatedly Close my eyes Close my eyes tightly Close those plastic bag clips on the skin of my palm Cocoon myself in the duvet Communicate overly quickly Constantly run my tongue over the inside of my teeth Contort my hands Count my steps Count the letters of words, e.g. from ads in the street Count the number of letters in words Count to four or multiples of four Crack my ankles Crack my joints one by one (fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulders, neck, and back) Crack my knuckles Crack my knuckles in order Crack my toes Crack my wrists Create databases Crochet Cross ALL my fingers Cross and uncross my feet Cross and uncross my fingers Cross my legs tightly Cuddle my cat Cup my balls Curl and uncurl my toes Curl my toes Curl my toes to prop myself up at my desk Cycle really really fast Dab two different fragrances on each wrist and smell them alternately Dance Dig at my collarbone Dig my nails into my skin Dip my fingers in hot wax and rub them together once the wax has dried Dislocate my shoulder Do "connect the dots" Do a craft that keeps my hands busy Do air piano with the fingers of my right hand Do cartwheels Do computer coding Do crochet Do crochet because of the repetitive motion of the stitching Do crochet while waiting in line Do crochet while walking down the street Do cross stitch Do dance moves Do data entry Do half-circle spins on a revolving desk chair Do handstands Do shoulder stands Do singer poses Do twirls Do webdesign Do weird dances that often involve spinning Do wheelies in my wheelchair Doodle Doodle (using tons of different colors) Doodle by writing letters Doodle shapes Doodle words Drag my feet Draw loops Draw on myself Draw random curvy things Drink copious amounts of tea Drink hot drinks Drive Drive on the highway Drum my fingers on my cheeks Drum my hands on my stomach Drum my stomach with both hands Drum on my head with my fist Drum on my head with my pencil Drum on myself and the person closest to me Eat crunchy foods Eat paper Eat tasteless rice cakes for the texture Eat too many blueberries one after the other Eat too many sweet things Eat too much food Eat wood Face into the wind and feel it blow through my hair Feel all the materials in the cushion and bedding aisles Feel my finger nails with my lips Feel my fingernails constantly Feel my teeth with my tongue Feel the ridges on my palate with my tongue Feel the scabs after picking my skin Feel the texture of unfinished wood Feet-tap rhythmically Fiddle with beads on my bracelet Fiddle with my earrings Fiddle with my jewelry Fiddle with my pocket watch chain and clip Fiddle with my short beard Fiddle with stim toys Fiddle with the button on the sleeve of my coat Fidget Fidget with a quartz crystal with lots of edges Fidget with my necklace Fidget with my toes Fidget with my wedding and engagement rings Fill squares on squared paper Finger dance Finger tap Finger-drum on the desk Finger-tap rhythmically Fixate on a group of words Fixate on a phrase Flap Flap my arms Flap my arms by pressing the air and bending my elbows over and over Flap my arms like a chicken Flap my arms like the chicken dance Flap my hands Flap my hands mimicking pianists in music videos Flap my hands when I am happy Flap my hands when I am upset Flap my hands while snapping my fingers Flap my knees Flap my mp3 player and watch the earphone cord wave around with it Flap my right hand while holding my left hand up in the air Flap with my whole arms like a bird Flex body parts Flex my hand inward so it puts lots of pressure on my wrist Flex my wrists Flick my ear Flick my finger through my ponytail close to the elastic band Flick my fingernail with another nail Flick my fingernails Flick my fingers Flick my fingers against the shoulder part of my t-shirt Flick my fingers in turn against my thumb Flick my nails Flick my thumbnail with my index finger Flick my toes back and forth Flick my tongue back and forth in my mouth Flick the end of my pen between my index finger and thumb Flick things Flip my fingers Flip my pen back and forth Floss my teeth Flutter my fingers in front of my face Fold and unfold paper Fold my hand around my thumb Fold my left leg underneath me while sitting Fold the skin between my fingers by pressing my thumb there Form sinus waves with my finger Gently bite my fingers Gently scratch my tummy through my clothes Get my arms pinched by my daughter Get one nail under another Give tight pressure hugs to people Gnaw on my fingers Gnaw on my knuckles Gnaw on my nails Gnaw on the fleshy side bit of my hands Go "hnnnnnnnnnnnnng" Grab my belly fat and wiggle it around Grind my teeth Grind my teeth in a different way from usual Hang from the door frame by my fingertips Harmonize visual elements Have specific lines from songs stuck in my head Hide my hands in my sleeves Hit my forehead lightly Hit my heels against the floor Hit my leg against my chair's leg Hit my leg lightly in response to pain Hit myself on the back of my head Hit the side of my head hard with the top of my palms Hold an object like a fork loosely in my hand and rotate my wrist rapidly Hold my hands together and stroke one thumb with the other Hold my hands together and tap my thumbs Hold on to one part of a nail clipper and flick it to make it spin around Hold rocks Hold things in my pockets Hook my leg around a leg of the table Hop and say "hop" Hop from side to side in a pattern Hop sideways around the block Hug and squeeze and stroke cushions Hug myself Hula hoop Hum Hum (especially when eating) Hum at the same tone as the noise that's bothering me Hum loudly Hum my personal theme song Hum part of a song repeatedly Hum quietly Hum random tunes Hum so that I can feel the vibrations through my body Imagine swinging in a hammock Imperceptibly flex my fingers Imperceptibly flex my toes Insert pins or safety pins into top layers of skin (where it doesn't hurt) Jiggle Jiggle my bare breasts with my hands Jiggle my belly fat Jiggle my feet Jiggle my knee Jiggle my left leg Jiggle my leg Jiggle my leg up and down Jiggle my legs Jump Jump and flap my hands Jump around Jump in circles Jump on tiptoe Jump up and down Jump up and down when happy Jump up and down while flapping my hands Kangaroo hop across the house Keep a sip of beer in my mouth to feel the bubbles on my tongue Kick the tops of my feet Knit Knock on wood nine times Knot the metal string on a lamp around the little ball on the end of it Learn new things online Let hot running water flow between my fingers Let my fingers trail along a railing as I walk Let my fingers trail along a wall Let my tongue dry out as much as possible then touch my fingers with it Let rice run through my fingers Lick fresh bread to feel the texture Lick my finger nails Lick my lips constantly Lick my teeth Lick people Lick the tips of my fingers Lick things Lie on my belly and let my feet kick and roam Lie on my belly and rub the arches of my feet against the sheets Lift my feet up and down Lift myself up with my arms Lightly bite the inside of my cheek Lightly chew on my fingers Line items up Line up the tips of my curled (relaxed) fingers on each hand Listen to a song over and over Listen to bass-heavy music at loud volumes Listen to my heels click-clacking on the pavement Listen to overdriven synthesizers Listen to the rain Listen to the same song over and over again Listen to the same song over and over for hours Listen to the wind Lock my ankles behind the crossbar or the legs of my dining chair Look around the room Look at my cat or dog Look at pictures with lots of bright colours Look at pretty lights Look at sparkling things and make the light change and sparkle by moving slightly Look at sunlight falling through coloured glass Look at sunlight falling through leaves Look at the ceiling fan spinning around Look at the tip of my fingers very closely Look for patterns all around me Look out of the corner of my eye Make a fist with one hand and clap it against the base of the other hand Make a low pitched sound in the back of my throat Make a sound in the back of my throat that sort of sounds like an angry cat purring Make cat noises Make chicken noises Make clicking noises Make clicking noises like tsk-tsk or chk-chk Make clicking sounds Make engine noises Make grimaces Make hand-washing motions Make high-pitched trill noises like brrrrip-brrrrip! Make knots in my hair Make little random sounds Make my body feel like I'm rocking without visibly moving Make my ears pop Make my left knee vibrate Make popping noises with my lips Make repetitive vocal sounds Make scrunchy sounds in the snow Make squeaking sounds Make the noise of a horse so that my lips brrbrrbrr Make vocal sounds Meow Move fingers in the air in a typing motion Move like on a swing while sitting on a chair Move my foot side to side Move my foot up and down Move my hands and body like a conductor while listening to music Move my head like a bobblehead Move my mouth Move parts of my body in figure eights Nibble on my right index finger Nod my head repeatedly Note the page numbers in a book that are divisible by three as I'm reading Open and close a DVD case Open and close a safety pin with my teeth Open and close a video game Open and close my fist rapidly Open and close my hands (in what could be interpreted as a "blah blah blah" gesture) Open and close the cap of a pen Open and close zippers on my jacket repeatedly Pace Pace around Pace in a figure 8 Pace in circles Pace in counterclockwise circles Pace in no particular pattern Pace the floor like crazy when I'm on the phone Paint my lips with my hair Pat my thighs Peel my nails Peel sunburns Pet a stuffed animal Pet my dogs Pick apart stitching Pick at my acne Pick at my cuticles Pick at my eyebrows Pick at my face Pick at my fingernails Pick at my fingertips Pick at my head Pick at my lip Pick at my lips Pick at my nailpolish Pick at my nails Pick at my scabs Pick at my scalp Pick at my skin Pick at rough spots on my skin Pick at uneven textures on objects around me Pick leaves and twirl them between my fingers Pick my cuticles until they bleed Pick my ears Pick my fingers Pick my nails Pick my nose Pick my nose to get rid of the rough bits Pick my skin Pick my toenails Pick the skin around my nails Pinch my earlobes Pinch my lip under my thumbnail Pinch my lips Pinch my lower lip Pinch myself gently Place my partner's relaxed hand on my face Place the palm of my hand over my ear and press and release quickly Place weight on myself (compression) Play a puzzle-based video game Play a repetitive video game Play a rhythm-based (dance) video game Play air piano Play card games repetitively on my phone Play computer solitaire over and over very fast Play guitar Play piano on my sister's fingers while she plays piano on mine Play poi Play the same song over and over Play with a pen Play with a ribbon Play with a slinky Play with a squishy ball Play with a string Play with Blu-tac Play with coins Play with fingers Play with hair Play with hot candle wax Play with hot running water Play with jewelry Play with magnets Play with my beard hairs Play with my cheeks Play with my computer mouse Play with my dog by dancing around with bouncy moves Play with my dog's ears Play with my fingers Play with my foreskin Play with my hair Play with my keyboard's keyswitches Play with my mandala Play with my ring Play with my Tangle Play with my toes Play with my tongue inside of my mouth Play with pubic hairs Play with round stone beads Play with slinkies Play with smooth stones Play with something that feels interesting Play with springs Play with the end of my braid Play with the fur on my plushies Play with the stylus from my Nintendo 3DS Play with yarn Pluck hair Pluck hairs Pluck my eyelashes Plunge my hands into a bucket of beads Plunge my hands into clay dust Poke my lips with the ends of my hair Pop bubble wrap Pop shoulders Press down on my cuticles Press my cuticles into things Press my fingers against my lips Press my forehead against the edge of the table Press on my closed eyelids and watch the colours and shapes Press on my eyes Press the side of my face against my pillow Pretend that I'm air drumming to cover up hand flapping Prop the side of my head against my palm Pull at loose threads Pull at my skin Pull at specific strands of hair Pull at the edges of my hairline Pull bits of skin off my lips with my teeth Pull faces Pull grass from the ground Pull my ear Pull my eyelashes out Pull my hair Pull my hair out Pull my hair very roughly Pull my hoodie tightly around me Pull my lips Pull my pinkie ring up and down over my knuckle Pull on my earlobe Pull on my earrings Pull on my eyelashes Pull on my skin Pull on my upper lip Pull on the ends of my hair Pull out facial hair Pull out hair Pull out hairs that don't feel smooth Pull out my eyebrows Pull out my eyelashes Pull strands of hair Punch the wall in a controlled fashion Punch with my fists Push my fingernails up under the beds of other fingernails Push my tongue against my fingers through my bottom lip Push on my eyes Put a heavy cushion over my belly Put a needle in the gap between my molar teeth Put binder clips on my fingers Put hair in my face and watch the strands moving in the light Put my cheek against my partner's skin Put my cheek on the dog's fur Put my feet under something heavy Put my hands in rice Put my hands on my ears Put my hands under something heavy Put my head under the shower with my eyes and ears closed Put my mouth on things Put my necklace in my mouth Put my nose into my dog's fur especially around the neck and ears and breathe in deeply Put the pieces from a board game on my fingers Put things on my lips Randomly hum a song Randomly sing a song Rapidly flex and relax individual muscles Rapidly rub the middle and ring finger of my left hand together Read things online Recite poems over and over Reorganise stuff Repeat bits of dialogue from Life of Brian Repeat lists of words Repeat myself Repeat phrases Repeat phrases over and over in my head Repeat sounds Repeat words Repeat words over and over in my head Repeat words quietly Repeat words that sound nice Repeatedly flick a ballpoint pen Repeatedly lock and unlock my knees in a fast and rhythmic motion Research things obsessively Rip up paper Rock Rock back and forth Rock back and forth from one leg to the other by moving my hips Rock back and forth while sitting Rock forward and backward when stressed Rock from side to side Rock in my chair Rock in my hammock Rock my head back and forth Rock my head from side to side Rock my upper body Rock my weight from one foot to the other Rock quickly back and forth Rock really fast in my kids' gaming chair Rock side to side Rock side to side when excited Rock sideways Rock to the right and dip my head Rock very slightly back and forth Roll and unroll my toes inside my shoes Roll around Roll back and forth in my wheelchair Roll my ankles Roll my belly Roll my eyes Roll my hips Roll my lip balm up and down in my pocket from the outside Roll my lips together Roll my shoulders Roll my tongue Roll my wrist Roll the uneven parts of my nails against a smooth, hard, flat surface Roll up the hem of my shirt Rotate my hands Rub a comb over my teeth so it makes sounds Rub a smooth rock Rub buttons Rub forearms Rub hands on different textures Rub my arms Rub my blanket seam with my fingers Rub my breastbone and collarbone to get rolls of dead skin Rub my cat's soft belly fur Rub my cheek Rub my cheek against soft materials Rub my cheek and face against my dog's fur Rub my cheeks Rub my chin Rub my clothes Rub my cuticles on the edge of the bed Rub my ear Rub my ear against my shoulder Rub my eyes Rub my face Rub my face against my cat's fur Rub my face on soft textures Rub my favourite blanket against my face Rub my feet together slowly Rub my feet together when reclining on the sofa Rub my finger calluses Rub my fingernails with my thumb Rub my fingernails with the thumb of the same hand Rub my fingers against each other Rub my fingers around the edge of the glass I'm drinking from Rub my fingers on my soft terrycloth sheets Rub my fingers over my fingernails over and over Rub my fingers together Rub my fingertips together Rub my fingertips together so I can feel the ridges Rub my hair against my lips Rub my hair over my upper lip Rub my hands Rub my hands against the bark of a tree Rub my hands on clothes until they go numb Rub my hands on clothing Rub my hands on my clothes to feel the fabric Rub my hands together Rub my head Rub my head with my palms Rub my index and middle fingers together rapidly Rub my jeans Rub my legs when I'm sitting on the floor Rub my lips with my fingertips Rub my middle fingernail over the crease at the back of my thumb Rub my neck Rub my neck to get rolls of dead skin Rub my nose Rub my palms together Rub my pillow on my face Rub my pillowcase corner between my fingers Rub my pinkie nail across the fingerprint ridges on my thumb Rub my pointer finger on edge of thumb nail Rub my rock Rub my scalp Rub my skin Rub my teeth together Rub my thumb against my index finger Rub my thumb against my index finger repetitively Rub my thumb against the other fingers Rub my thumb against the palm of the other hand Rub my thumb along my fingertips Rub my thumb over the middle and ring finger of the same hand Rub my thumbs against the pads of my fingers Rub my toes against each other with crossed feet Rub my toes together Rub my tongue on my teeth Rub my tongue on the inside of my bottom teeth Rub my tongue on the sharp points of my teeth Rub my wrists at the side of my pants Rub salt between my fingers Rub satin cloth together Rub smooth surfaces in circles Rub soft cloth Rub something with a nice texture Rub the end of my hair against my lips Rub the glass eyes of my teddy bear Rub the insides of my hands to get rolls of dead skin Rub the side of my nose with my index finger Rub the top of my foot on the sheets while lying on my stomach in bed Rub the tops of my fingernails Rub things on my face Ruffle my hair Run Run a finger over my eyebrows Run back and forth Run back and forth over a 6 foot distance Run back and forth with my dogs Run cold water over my hands, especially from one of those 'foamy' taps Run in circles Run my finger underneath my necklace Run my fingers along edges of things Run my fingers along railings Run my fingers along things Run my fingers through my hair Run my fingers through my long hair Run my fingers up and down my arm, almost pinching (super gently) Run my hands over the buzzed part of my hair Run my hands through my hair Run my tongue across my lips Run my tongue across my teeth Run my tongue over my teeth in a pattern Run sand through my fingers Run satin blanket binding between my fingers Run the edge of a guitar pick under my fingernails Run the fingertip of one finger over the cuticle of another Say "mah mah mah mah" over and over Say "mmmmm" with every bite of food Say made-up words Say patterns of words like "iridescent effervescent iridescent effervescent" Scan for symmetry Scrape at my teeth Scrape my teeth against my joints Scrape my teeth against my wrists Scratch at my scalp Scratch at the roots of my hair Scratch constantly Scratch my ankles Scratch my arms Scratch my back Scratch my cats behind their ears kind of hard and fast so they think they are scratching themselves with their back feet Scratch my ear canal with my little finger Scratch my face gently Scratch my hands Scratch my head Scratch my head and watch dandruff fall down until my fingernails have blood underneath them Scratch my head for the sound it makes Scratch my neck Scratch my palms Scratch my scalp Scratch my skin Scratch my upper arms Scratch the backs of my dogs Scratch the inside of my lower arms Scratch the palms of my hands Screech like a baby bird Scribble on paper Script from my favorite movie or tv program Scrunch nice-sounding plastic Scrunch paper Shake Shake my body Shake my feet Shake my foot Shake my foot back and forth as fast as I can Shake my hair in my face Shake my hands Shake my head Shake my head really fast Shake my leg Shake my legs Shift my weight from one foot to the other Shift my weight from one leg to the other repeatedly Shred beer mats Sing Sing in the shower Sing loudly Sing part of a song repeatedly Sing quietly Sing songs I enjoy under my breath Sing the same song over and over Sing the word coffee when I'm making coffee Sing the word coffee when I'm walking somewhere with coffee Sing the words "cuppa tea" over and over while making tea Sit cross legged and rock back and forth Sit in a rocking chair Sit on my hands Sit on the floor and let my feet kick and roam Sit on the laundry machine during the spin cycle Skip around Slap myself Slap the side of my head Slide my hand along the wall as I walk Smack my hands into my chest Smack my lips Smell books Smell fresh herbs like coriander Smell my blanket Smell my body odour Smell my fingernails Smell my fingers Smell my hands Smell my own breath by sticking my fingers at the back of my tongue Smell my own farts Smell my own underwear Smell my pillow Smell the pages of books repeatedly Smell the roses in my garden and inhale deeply Smoke Snap and unsnap buttons Snap my fingers Sniff Sniff my fingers and hands Sniff my own armpits Sort things by colour Spin Spin a cup on its axis with one finger Spin a slinky Spin around in a chair Spin around in a revolving chair Spin around on a stool Spin around until I'm dizzy Spin back and forth in a chair Spin beads Spin in a swivel chair Spin in circles Spin in my chair while letting my feet rub against the carpet Spin my earrings Spin my piercings Spin my work keys by their lanyard Spin on a spinning chair Spin on my computer chair Spin the pendant on my necklace Spin without moving my feet, similar to hula hooping except from legs to head Squeeze a plushie Squeeze a squeeze ball Squeeze an air-filled textured ball near my face Squeeze and unsqueeze things with my fingers Squeeze my belly fat Squeeze my boobs Squeeze my earlobe Squeeze my fingers between thumb and fingers on the other hand and rub the nails Squeeze my knee Squeeze my nose Squeeze my upper lip Squeeze putty Squeeze something with a nice texture Squint my face Squish bean bag animals Squish clay Squish myself up to work at my desk Stack items as high as I can reach Stand on the sides of my feet Stand on tiptoe Stand up on my toes Stand with my feet at weird angles Stare at patterns Stare at patterns in the textured ceiling Stare at the clock Stare at the origami cranes hanging from my bedroom ceiling Stare at the patterns in tree bark Stare at the wall Stare into the distance Stare out the window Steer my fingers through my ear crevices Step on cracks Stick and unstick tape against my mouth Stick my pinkie in my ear and then see if it has any earwax on it Stick my tongue out to taste the rain Stick out my tongue Stir my drink with a straw Stomp in circles Stop when walking and stare at my shoes Straighten things on my desk or shelves Stretch Stretch and flex my fingers Stretch my arms above my head Stretch my eyes Stretch my fingers Stretch my hair ties on my wrist Stretch my legs Stroke my beard Stroke my clothing Stroke my face with a stuffed animal Stroke my fingers along my palms Stroke my hair Stroke my moustache Stroke my palm with the ring finger of the same hand Stroke my tongue Stroke pleasing fabrics Stroke the back of my hands Suck air through my teeth Suck my thumb Suck on a mint Suck on an ice lolly until the ice goes all white and crackly Suck on my fingers Suck on pencils Swallow Sway Sway back and forth Sway from hip to hip while standing Sway from side to side Sway my body Sway side to side Swim underwater Swing Swing around in my rotating chair Swing my feet Swing my head back and forth Swing my legs Swing my legs back and forth Swing my work keys up by their lanyard and catch them Swing the cords to the blinds Take apart pens and put them back together Take deep breaths Take pens apart and put them back together Take the pen lid off and put it back on again Take tiny nibbles from a snack Take tiny sips from a cold drink Take tiny sips from a hot drink Talk a lot Talk to myself as if I'm someone else Talk with my hands Tap beats with whatever is around, even if it's just my hands and hips Tap everything with my hands in a really excited way Tap my chest with the tips of my fingers Tap my closed fist against the side of my hip Tap my feet Tap my feet in mid-air Tap my finger Tap my fingers Tap my fingers against a surface rhythmically Tap my fingers against my thumb Tap my fingers in patterns Tap my fingers on my lips Tap my fingers rapidly Tap my fingers together Tap my fingers with my thumb in a specific order - forefinger, middle finger, ringfinger, middle finger, forefinger, little finger, ring finger, middle finger, ring finger, little finger Tap my fingertips against each other Tap my fingertips on my palms Tap my foot Tap my glass against my teeth Tap my nails on surfaces Tap my palms Tap my pen on the table Tap my ring finger and middle finger against my palm Tap my teeth together to the same repetitive beat Tap my teeth together with my mouth closed Tap my teeth with my nails Tap my toes Tap my toes against a surface rhythmically Tap my wrists against my knees Tap patterns on my fingers with the fingers of the same hand Tap patterns on surfaces with my fingers Tap the bell on my bicycle with my nails Tap the tips of my ears Tap things Tear hair knots out Tear paper Tense and relax my butt muscles repeatedly Tense and release my joints Think of names for my Sims Throw a ball up and down Tickle my nose Tie knots in a piece of parachute cord Tie my ponytail Tighten my inner abdominal, anal, and vaginal muscles with one pull (Kegel) Tightly pull up the hood of my hoodie Tilt my head left and right Tilt my head to one side and raise my shoulder to meet it Tip toe on my feet Tiptoe Toe walk Touch cold plastic surfaces Touch each finger one after another Touch my belly button Touch my fingers in mathematical sequences Touch my hair Touch my nose with my lips Touch nice fabrics Touch objects symmetrically Touch the middle of my forehead and press down Touch the underside of my nose with my top lip Touch things around me Touch wooden things Trace infinity symbols Trace objects with my eyes Trace over words I've written on a paper over and over again Trace patterns on the wall with my eyes Trace people with my eyes Trace shapes on my palms with my fingertips Trace the edges of the buttons on the TV remote Trace the square on my cellphone case Trace words with my finger Trap my fringe between two fingers like a scissor and flick it up and down Tremble with my legs in place Try to pull off my fingernails Tube-knit Tug on my eyebrows Tug on my hair Tug on my lower lip Tweak document layout until it's perfect Tweeze out leg hairs Twirl Twirl a drumstick between my fingers Twirl a lock of my hair around my finger Twirl a pen Twirl a small object between my fingers Twirl an apple stem twig between my fingers Twirl around Twirl in a swishy skirt Twirl my broom one-handed like I'm in colour guard Twirl my fingers constantly Twirl my hair Twirl my keys on a lanyard Twirl my pen Twirl my ring on my finger Twirl objects in my hand Twirl rubber lizards Twirl strands of hair Twirl string and watch it Twirl the phone cord on an old-fashioned phone Twirl things in my hand Twist Twist a rubber bracelet Twist and pull my hair Twist back and forth Twist my ankles Twist my arms around each other Twist my body Twist my earrings around so the pin rubs against the hole in my ear Twist my feet Twist my fingers Twist my fingers over each other Twist my fingers together Twist my hair Twist my right hand back and forth like slapping a bass guitar Twist my short hair with my finger Twist my springy bracelet around my thumb and index finger Twist my upper body Twist my wrist as if I were turning a doorknob Twist my wrists Twist rubber bands Twist side to side at the waist Twist the buttons on my shirt Twitch my butt muscles to music Twitch my fingers Twitch my foot Twitch my hands Twitch my nose Twitch my toes Type very fast on my computer Untangle the yarn for my crochet projects Unwind myself by turning around in a circle one or more times Use Netflix Use the scroll wheel on the computer mouse Vibrate Wag my foot Walk in a circle around the outside of buildings Walk in circles Walk in squares one foot wide Walk in sync with my music Walk on my heels Walk on my toes Walk on tiptoe Watch a movie in my head Watch dust particles in rays of light Watch flames in the fireplace Watch flickering candles Watch light diffraction through a crystal chandelier Watch light on the water Watch my necklace spin Watch sunlight sparkle through a glass prism Watch the bubbles in a liquid motion timer Watch the same parts of a video over and over Wave my arms Wave my hand in front of my face Wear a tight necklace Wear lots of wool Whistle Wiggle Wiggle my feet Wiggle my fingers Wiggle my fingers in front of my eyes Wiggle my fingers in front of my face Wiggle my fingers up and down very fast Wiggle my fingers while flapping my hands Wiggle my foot Wiggle my nose like a bunny Wiggle my nose like a rabbit Wiggle my throat Wiggle my toes Wiggle my toes to the beat of music stuck in my head Wrap elastic bands around my fingers Wrap my tail of my stuffed toy mouse around its neck Wrap myself in furry fleecy things Wrap myself tightly in my duvet Wrap threads around my fingers Wring my hands Wring my hands when I'm stressed or angry Write in the air Write lists Write on any kind of paper Write on my thigh using my fingers Write on tables Write patterns Write the alphabet Write with random objects Write words in my mouth with my tongue