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These links are a great place to get the basics of what stimming looks like.

Personal Examples of Stimming

Every stim is unique! These are just a few examples of what stimming can look like.

From stimming adults:

From stimming children:

  • STIMMING and AUTISM from autisticandproud – blog post with a detailed list from a 13-year-boy of how he stims and the purpose of stimming for him

From parents of stimming children:

Perspectives on Stimming

To stim or not to stim? People who stim and people who care about stimmers have a lot to say on why stimming happens, when it’s safe, and whether it’s appropriate. What do you think?

From stimmers:

From parents and friends:

From professionals:

Creative Media

When something is important to someone, great art is born! We love finding cool new ways stimmers find to express how they feel about their stims!


  • Ode to the Stim from 30 Days of Autism – printable jpg of short poem about stimming
  • Let Me Stim, Let Me Stim, Let Me Stim from Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism – poem about stimming that can be sung to the tune of “Let It Snow”
  • Quiet Hands from Tom Healy – peom written for the poet’s autistic nephew in celebration of his stimming

Images and Short Animations:

  • Stimming List as iPhone Menu from Department of Repetition Department – animated gif of common stimming options as classic iphone spinning menu
  • The ABCs of Stimming from Par la fenêtre – illustrated booklet of stims, available as a tumblr, as a pdf, and for print order
  • this image from facebook group ThAutcast – one panel comic about stimming
  • Happy Stimming from Tiny Brush – animated gif of cartoon hand-flapping
  • Because I am a beautiful butterfly from facebook user Unstrange Mind – colorful image reflecting a son’s reason for stimming
  • A Father Photographs the World of His Autistic Son from SNAP! – photojournalism from photographer Timothy Archibald and his autistic son
  • Running! from SuburpComix – short comic about running as a happy stim
  • Blanket Forts from Boggle the Owl – text-heavy web comic about the happiness that comes with a blanket fort

Videos and Video Playlists:

  • this video from Instagram user rizdeno – short video of stimming with a cat
  • What is & is not Stimming from Arman Khodaei – youtube video from an autistic adult explain his experience and interpretation of stimming
  • Way-To-Stim-Wednesdays from Annabellelistic – youtube playlist from an autistic adult featuring many examples of stimming
  • this video from Instagram user bluemarblesrock – video of boy flapping hands
  • Meet Anthony. from Upworthy – autistic boy discusses his experiences with stimming and how parents should approach their stimming children
  • Liquid timer from youtube user CarrotKiller10 – youtube video with child showing toys he loves to use for visual stims
  • He’s Got the Beat! from youtube user LittleDanielDude – youtube music video featuring a young child stimming

Social Media:

Stimming Products

It’s hard to go wrong with flapping and rocking and humming, but these awesome products and toys could be that new stim you’ve been searching for!

Products to try or buy:

Ideas to make your own “stim kit”: